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Adult life is full of commitments and if we don’t know how to deal with finances, it may be too late to learn. So, ideally, in order to secure their financial future, young people now start to develop good habits, which we will talk about below. Stick around!

Tips of the best healthy financial habits for young people to secure their financial future

First of all, it’s very easy for us to spend a lot of money to go out with friends, isn’t it? But, but we must be clear that this will cost us at some point, especially if it’s the money our parents give us.

That’s why we thought we’d give young people the best tips for saving money while still young – that will help you manage your finances better.


Thus, opening up the possibility of accumulating capital that in a few years could become your own savings.

Open a savings account or fixed-term account

This type of service is offered by banks so that young people can allocate part of their income to it, so you will always have money to buy something you need at some point.

Therefore, this is one of the best tips for saving money when you are young and that you should continue to apply when you start to enter adulthood, since it will not be a blow if you are already in the habit of saving a little money per month.


Savings accounts are based on the fact that an interest rate is not charged for the amount you enter, but, on the contrary, you earn interest.

On the other hand, term accounts mean that the bank will take care of your funds for a certain period, from which you will also receive a certain amount of money as interest.

Save 30% of your income (one of the best healthy financial habits)

If you are very young, or even if you have already started your path to independence, it is important that you allocate a good financial item to savings. 30% is recommended, because it is more or less the amount of money that is allocated to leisure, sacrificing activities or vices that do not leave us in the long run, nothing good.

Avoid going into debt

If you don’t have the need to buy, have or make, say “no”! Plan your expenses very well so that you don’t have to borrow money, because, first of all, it is a situation that causes discomfort.

And secondly (in addition to not being a healthy financial habit), our monthly income will be affected because we must pay our debts.

Save the change and any extra income you have

This is one of our best savings tips and one of the best healthy financial habits for a young person.

For everything you receive additionally, such as change left over from the things you buy, it is important that you keep it in your savings account and save for future expenses.

If you live alone, cook your own food and do not spend on street food

If you are a person who lives alone, try to save by buying food in the supermarket and preparing it yourself. If you don’t know how to cook, it’s time to learn so you don’t have to spend on fast food, which can be very cheap, but in the long run, it adds up to a lot of money.

Be more conscious with your nights out (another very important healthy financial habit to develop)

Youth comes with the motivation to go out at night to dance or drink and share with friends. Try not to make this a practice every weekend.

You can perfectly be social and go out, but keeping in mind that you cannot spend too much, since you would disorganize your accounts for the other things you need per month.

More reasons for young people to start developing healthy financial habits

  • You enjoy your youth

Time is one of the key factors during the savings process, as the sooner you start saving, the sooner you will reach your goals.

For example, having a 30-year term is more convenient than a 10-year one, as your savings shares will be smaller and you don’t worry about a radical increase in fixed expenses.

  • Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Certainly, throughout your life you will come across situations that are beyond your control and that will demand expenses that you had not foreseen in your budget. An illness, job loss or an economic crisis, for example.

If you have an emergency fund, these eventualities will not pose a serious problem as you will have financial support.

  • You get closer to your goals

You have short, medium or long term goals like buying a new car or a house, for example, you can take advantage now that you’re young and draw up a savings plan to achieve them. And, developing healthy financial habits is the way to do that.

Of course, being consistent and disciplined will be key to reaching your goals.

  • You learn from your mistakes

Acquiring healthy financial habits early on allows you to learn from your mistakes early on. Situations like investing without profitability or having your finances affected by lack of planning will become opportunities for improvement that will help you make decisions in the future.

  • You conquer your financial freedom

A person achieves financial freedom when he does not have to work to meet his monthly expenses, which is convenient, especially when he retires.

Our suggestion is that you choose a financial product that will help you obtain profitability through programmed savings installments. This will become a backup to ensure your well-being in the future!

We hope this information has been very useful to you. 

Thank you very much for reading us. 

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