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With the FNB App for tablets, you can bank quickly and conveniently. From fund transfers to bill payments, all operations are secure and efficiently. When it comes to banking on the go, this app offers the most comprehensive representation available in the market.

The savor part is that you can forget about long queues and indefinite waiting times. Through this First National Bank application, you can simplify the way you carry out your banking operations like never before. Let’s explore more details in the following article.

What is the FNB App for tablets?

Before discussing the application, the first thing you should know is that First National Bank is one of the most prestigious banks in South Africa. Therefore, its application provides multiple possibilities and benefits for its customers.


The FNB banking application for tablets is specially designed for tablets, allowing a unique operating experience. Through the app, you can perform various banking operations, making the most of your mobile device.

Compared to a smartphone, the tablet app offers a unique scrolling and functional experience. Additionally, all banking operations carried out in the app are completely secure and guaranteed.

In fact, information security is one of FNB’s most important aspects, emphasizing privacy and security practices at all times.


How to get the FNB App for Tablets?

The FNB App for Tablets offers you a convenient and secure way to access banking services from your tablet. To start using this innovative application, follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the corresponding app store for your tablet. If you’re using an Android device, search for the app on Google Play. For iOS users, head to the App Store. If you own a Huawei tablet, search for the app on the App Gallery.
  2. You can access these stores directly from your tablet or visit the official FNB website to get the download links.
  3. Once you have downloaded and installed the FNB App on your tablet, launch it and complete the setup process.
  4. Make sure to provide the required information, such as your personal details and FNB bank account information. This information is necessary to ensure your transactions’ security and provide you with personalized access to banking services.
  5. Once you have downloaded the application, you will be ready to enjoy the numerous features it offers. These features range from fund transfers and bill payments to managing your accounts and finding nearby branches.

What can you do with the FNB App for Tablets?

Downloading the FNB App allows you to access a wide range of banking services in the palm of your hand. Let’s look at everything you can do with the application:

  1. Mobile banking: Access your accounts and perform banking transactions from anywhere and at any time.
  2. Transfer funds between accounts: Transfer money quickly and securely between your bank accounts.
  3. Make payments (including once-off payments): Conveniently pay your bills and pay other beneficiaries without complications.
  4. Add, edit, or delete recipients: Manage your list of beneficiaries to make transfers more efficient, whether it’s adding new recipients, editing existing information, or removing unwanted beneficiaries.
  5. Send money with eWallet: Send money to others quickly and easily using the eWallet function.
  6. Send and receive global payments: Make international payments and receive money from beneficiaries in other countries securely and reliably.
  7. Purchase prepaid airtime, data, and SMS bundles: Top up your airtime balance, mobile data, and text messages by purchasing prepaid bundles directly from the app.
  8. Cancel, request, and activate FNB cards: Manage tasks related to your bank cards, such as cancellations, requests for new cards, and activation of newly issued cards.

In addition to these features, you can perform other operations through the app. These operations include managing your eBucks account, buying and selling stocks, purchasing iTunes codes, and more.

Why download the FNB App for Tablets over phone apps?

When you download the FNB App for Tablets, you gain many benefits over phone apps. One of the major benefits is the larger screen space, allowing you to appreciate information in the best way. This can be especially useful when tracking multiple accounts, reviewing charts, or reading transaction details.

On the other hand, financial apps on tablets are specifically designed to take advantage of the additional screen space and provide a smoother experience. Visual elements can be displayed more clearly, and buttons and controls can be larger and easier to interact with.

Additionally, if you have more extensive tasks, tablets are a better choice. For example, when analyzing your financial transactions and making a transfer. By using the FNB App for Tablets, you increase productivity.

In summary, financial apps on tablets can provide a more comfortable, functional, and visually appealing experience compared to phones. However, this doesn’t mean that the mobile app isn’t a viable option. In any case, it depends on your personal needs and the best way to manage your finances.

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