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Finding the ideal credit card for your profile involves considering several factors. To help, here you have a step by step that is very useful to get the best credit card for your profile. Take the opportunity to learn and follow the guidelines that are in the continuation!

 After all, how to get the best credit card for your profile?

Next, carefully read the guidelines that will help you a lot on how to get the best credit card for your profile. Is it a difficult task? No, if you pay attention and apply the tips!

Evaluate your credit Worthiness in the credit market before applying for a card

Check how your financial life is and if you have a good profile to have a credit card. For example, see if you have a good credit score and view your finance reports with the credit market. This is the first step towards the next steps. Only then will you be able to begin to understand how to get the best credit card for your profile.


Define your needs and habits

You must know why you want a credit card. For example, do you need a card for travel expenses, high-value equipment purchases? Or do you need a credit card just for emergency use, in case you have extra credit available? Will you use the card frequently or only occasionally or to have credit and use it only when you really need it? These assessments are essential to know which credit card is best for a person’s profile.

Those who use a card a lot, for example, can look for those that have reward programs, airline miles and other benefits. However, those who don’t use it often don’t need to focus on asking for cards with programs. Did you understand?

Search more than one card to find the best credit card for your profile

Once you understand and follow the two guidelines offered above on “how to get the best credit card for my profile”, it’s important to do your research.


Do a lot of research on the different card types. There are credit cards with particularities: cards with points programs, virtual credit cards, with higher and lower credit limits, cards linked to bank accounts and much more. Thus, you define which ones are best for you.

Make a comparison of rates and interest rates

We have reached a very important point in order to get the best credit card. Research and compare very well the interest rate applied to each card. And, obviously, prefer a credit card with the best rates (as long as the credit limit and other conditions meet your needs).

Also, research and educate yourself about annual fees (the annuity), international transaction fees, fees charged for applying for extra emergency credit, fees for cash withdrawals, and other issues. All this may seem like little, but it will determine whether you will have more expenses with your card.

Check for additional features

Many credit cards have some additional useful features. For example, it offers discounts on car or home insurance, fraud protection, add-on card, and more. Consider these cards according to your needs as these features give you savings and ease.

Look for a credit card at the bank where you are a customer

If you already have relationships with a bank, it’s easier to get the best credit card for your profile. It is easier and simpler, as the bank already knows you and will better know which card is most suitable.

Read the terms and conditions before ordering the best credit card for you

It is also important to carefully read and review all card terms and conditions. Also, understand and if you are not sure, clarify your doubts. This avoids opting for cards that are not the best for your profile and avoid any problems after receiving the credit card.

When you find the best credit card for your profile and receive it, also learn how to use it responsibly.

  • Set a value to use.
  • Make payments every month for the full amount.
  • Avoid paying less than the total invoice amount, as interest and fines are charged.
  • Don’t pay the minimum monthly bills. Acting in this way makes you enter the revolving credit system, where the debt grows every month…
  • Do not use your credit card for unnecessary expenses.
  • Do not use your card as a supplement to your income. The credit card is also a loan and using it as if it were money can give you problems in your finances.

With tips and guidelines on “how to get the best credit card for my profile”, you get the card you really need. Also, make good use of credit to always have it when you need it!

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