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Offered by FNB (First National Bank), this loan provides students with the necessary funds to cover tuition fees, textbooks, accommodation, and other related expenses.

With competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options, the FNB Student Loan aims to alleviate the financial burden on students and their families.

The loan application process is streamlined and accessible, ensuring a quick and efficient experience. By choosing the FNB Student Loan, students can focus on their education while receiving the financial assistance they need to succeed.


About the bank/financial institution

The FNB Student Loan is financed by FNB (First National Bank), a leading South African financial institution renowned for its comprehensive range of banking services.

With a strong presence in the country’s financial landscape, FNB has established itself as a trusted provider of innovative financial solutions.

FNB’s commitment to supporting education is evident through its student loan offering, which demonstrates the bank’s dedication to empowering the next generation of learners.


FNB’s extensive network of branches, digital platforms, and knowledgeable staff ensures a seamless customer experience, making it convenient for students to access and manage their loans.

FNB Student Loan Features

The FNB Student Loan offers several beneficial features to assist students in their educational journey. Firstly, the loan covers a wide range of expenses including tuition fees, textbooks, accommodation, and other study-related costs.

This comprehensive coverage ensures that students can focus on their studies without worrying about financial constraints.


The FNB Student Loan offers several benefits to students seeking financial assistance for their education. Firstly, it provides access to funds that cover various educational expenses, giving students the freedom to pursue their academic goals without financial worry.

Moreover, the loan promotes equal opportunities for education by removing financial barriers. It allows students from diverse backgrounds to access quality education and unlock their potential.

Additionally, by choosing the FNB Student Loan, students can build a positive credit history, which can be advantageous for future financial endeavors such as obtaining further loans or mortgages.

Overall, the FNB Student Loan combines flexible features, competitive interest rates, and a user-friendly application process, providing students with the financial support they need to excel in their educational pursuits and shape a brighter future.

Who can apply?

To apply for the FNB Student Loan, applicants must meet certain requirements.

  • These typically include being a South African citizen or permanent resident, being enrolled or accepted into a recognized tertiary institution, and providing proof of registration or acceptance.
  • Additionally, applicants may need to provide documentation such as identification, academic transcripts, and proof of income or affordability.

How to simulate and apply for the loan?

Simulating the FNB Student Loan is a straightforward process. Prospective borrowers can visit the FNB website or contact their nearest branch to access the loan simulator.

By entering the desired loan amount and preferred repayment term, students can get an estimate of their monthly repayment amount. The simulator takes into account the applicable interest rates and repayment options to provide an accurate calculation.

This simulation allows students to evaluate different loan scenarios and make informed decisions about the amount and duration of their loan before applying.

What are the rates and terms?

  • Personalised interest rate from a minimum of 6.75% (prime less 0.5%) and maximum of 11.47% (prime plus 4.5%) based on your credit/risk profile.
  • Student loans up to R80,000
  • Low-interest starting from 6.5%
  • Repayment up to 7 years

Is trustworthy?

Yes, the FNB Student Loan is a reliable financial option for students. FNB, as a reputable and well-established bank, has a strong track record in the financial industry.

The bank’s commitment to customer satisfaction, transparent practices, and competitive offerings makes the FNB Student Loan a reliable choice.

FNB’s extensive network, accessible customer support, and streamlined processes contribute to a smooth and trustworthy loan experience.

Additionally, FNB’s commitment to supporting education and providing flexible repayment options further enhances the reliability of the loan.

Students can have confidence in FNB’s reliability and trustworthiness when considering the FNB Student Loan for their educational financing needs.

Is it worth applying for the FNB Student Loan?

Yes, the FNB Student Loan is worth considering for students seeking financial support for their education.

With its comprehensive coverage of educational expenses, competitive interest rates, and flexible repayment options, the loan provides tangible benefits. It enables students to pursue their academic goals without the burden of immediate financial constraints.

Additionally, by accessing the FNB Student Loan, students can access quality education, regardless of their financial background.

The loan offers a reliable and reputable source of funding, backed by FNB’s expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. Overall, the FNB Student Loan is a worthwhile option for students looking to invest in their education and secure a brighter future.

Customer Support

To seek proper support or ask questions regarding the FNB Student Loan, readers can easily reach out to the bank through multiple channels.

They can contact FNB’s customer service helpline, visit a nearby branch for in-person assistance, or explore the bank’s official website for relevant information and online communication options.


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