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Learning to control and plan financially from a young age is what will ensure a financially healthy adult life. But, how to encourage and guide young people to do this? Well, with 5 tips to help young people start planning their financial future, that task becomes easier. Follow!

The best tips to help young people start planning their financial future successfully

Information is power

For a young person to start planning their financial future, it is essential that they first have information, isn’t it?

Information is power, power to organize financially from an early age and have a more prosperous future.It is necessary, for example, to understand the local economy (South Africa) and also the global economy: our country is not an isolated place and the world economy affects our personal finances.


Savings, bank accounts, interest rates, how to use credit cards, save money, budget and more. All this is very, very important, young people began to relate to money.

This is Financial Education. Without it, it is currently not possible to have a balanced and healthy economic and personal life.

It may seem difficult for young people to learn and understand all of this. But little by little and with the support of people close to me with more experience, the task becomes easier.


Access to information is now also easier (as long as young people have access to serious sources of funding). Banking websites or specialized finance websites is one of the best ways to get real information about finance and economics.

In addition, the apps of financial and banking companies and the official channels on YouTube teach young people all the ways to learn and be able to plan their financial future.

Learn to be disciplined to reach goals and plan your financial future

Learning about money management is also very important. With discipline, finances are guaranteed to be safe and young people should develop this habit.

For example, setting a budget and sticking to it is the best way to achieve what you set out to do and better plan your financial future.

Respecting and following what we propose to do financially is mandatory to keep finances up to date and make changes if necessary.

Find the event

Youth is a stage of life in which the mind tends to be more open to influences. Therefore, it is advisable to look at who has achieved financial success, who is successful in planning their financial future.

With the example of people who managed or manage to plan and live financially in balance, it becomes more motivating and easier for young people to follow the same paths. Thus, close people must also have financial responsibility (practical examples are more effective than words…).

Again, to create healthy money habits, young people need ongoing guidance. This contributes a lot to the sense of responsibility of future adults.

And having goals and objectives (even if they start small) is one of the best ways to learn financial management and plan for a strong financial future.

For example, motivating young people to save money to go to the movies, buy simple things, go out on weekends are things that motivate planning, since young people manage to achieve results and this is a great stimulus.

The future in your own hands! Good advice for young people to start planning their financial future

It is never too early to think about the future. Young people want nothing more than to live intensely in the present. This is not a problem and it is part of the youth.

Young people can and should live this stage of life, but it is important that they keep in mind what is to come. That is why it is advisable to set long-term goals, such as acquiring goods such as your first car, traveling abroad to study.

Finally, the things that make the vision of tomorrow attractive now.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”

That’s an old phrase uttered by the elders throughout history. It may be very “strong”, but it is still true.

In addition to allowing you to plan your financial future seriously, this old phrase is a way to give value to work and studies.

Studying and working is what guarantees adequate financial planning for life. Young people also begin to value money more and develop the habit of managing and controlling finances, which allows them to plan their financial future with better quality and have a calmer financial and personal life.

Without a foundation of good financial education, planning for your financial future becomes nearly impossible.

The importance of Financial Education for young people to start planning their financial future

Financial Education is essential for young people to develop a solid foundation in financial education and to be able to plan their financial future effectively.

It gives them the skills to make informed decisions, manage their finances responsibly, and seize opportunities as they arise. Empowering youth with financial literacy gives them a significant head start in achieving financial stability and long-term success.

Help your youth, their future will thank you!

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