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The best electronic banking card

Every day, more people are joining electronic banking, and one of these electronic products is the Spotmoney card, which can be managed through an application.

Currently, people seek to have a strong financial history but don’t want to deal with the demands of a bank or other banking institution. That’s why the Spotmoney card is the ideal solution for those who want a debit card in a short time.


Not only can it be obtained quickly, but it also allows for secure purchases and offers many benefits from Spot, making it a useful and practical card to use.

Benefits and advantages of the Spotmoney card

A debit card can have the same benefits as a credit card, and in the case of the Spotmoney card, this holds true. Users can access excellent benefits that will greatly assist them in their purchases. The benefits of the Spotmoney card are as follows:

  1. No transaction fees: Users do not have to pay any fees when using the card or the Spot application.
  2. Instant notifications: Instant notifications are received for each purchase made with the card.
  3. Secure online purchases: Both physical and virtual card transactions are made securely and protected.
  4. Worldwide acceptance: The Spotmoney card is accepted worldwide, and there are no costs for transactions made.
  5. The Spotmoney card is issued by MasterCard, ensuring payment protection with the company’s guarantee.

 How to apply for the Spotmoney card

To apply for the Spotmoney card, interested individuals should follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Spot application.
  • Click on the Cards tab located at the bottom.
  • Choose “Apply for your card.” Enter the delivery address where the card will be sent. All fields must be completed to finish the request.
  • After providing the information, click on Send, and the application will be sent to the banking institution.


Requirements to apply for and obtain the Spotmoney card

The Spotmoney card is offered to users when they open an account with Spot Money. Individuals only need to scan their identification and take various photos, which will be processed by the company’s Internal Affairs team before proceeding with the application.

Therefore, no specific requirements are needed to obtain the Spotmoney card. Opening an account with Spot Money fulfills the necessary requirements, and individuals only need to follow the steps mentioned above to obtain their card.

About Spotmoney

Spotmoney is a digital bank that was launched in South Africa in 2020, initially known as Virgin Money.

Spotmoney simplifies banking processes and makes them much less complicated than other banking institutions. Customers can instantly create accounts and request physical and virtual cards directly from the bank’s application.

In addition to accounts and cards, Spotmoney also offers other products such as loans, insurance, money transfers, and advanced card technologies such as contactless payment and QR codes.

Insurance options offered by Spotmoney include car quotes, life policies, and funeral policies, all available through the institution’s application.

Spotmoney’s mission is to ensure that everyone has access to quality banking products, regardless of their net worth, while receiving the dignified treatment of a bank that wants its customers to succeed.

Costs and fees of the Spotmoney card

  • Cash deposit fee: R19.95.
  • Deposit fee through linked card is free up to R1000, and a 3% fee is charged for amounts deposited beyond that.
  • Beneficiary payment fee: R5.
  • Physical card delivery fee: R29.
  • Card replacement fee: R29.
  • Local ATM withdrawal fee: R65.
  • International ATM withdrawal fee: R65.
  • Declined transaction fee: R1.50.
  • ATM balance inquiry fee: R5.

Who is this card for?

This card is suitable for people who have never had access to a bank account due to not meeting the requirements of traditional banks or for those who want to manage their money in a simpler way without having to go anywhere.

It is also ideal for those who feel more comfortable with a debit card rather than a credit card and only want to spend what they have in their account.

Customer support

On the Spotmoney website’s help section, there is a form that customers can fill out with their questions and complaints, which can be sent directly to the bank for their concerns to be heard.

The frequently asked questions section will be helpful to customers as they can find answers to the most common queries.


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